Che Dizzlé


Che’s Story

This boxing day 2017, Che was hit by a car on Abercrombie Street. Nobody saw the collision, and the driver obviously didn’t stop. He was found by friends in a bad state and rushed to emergency. Overnight, many tests were done to discover his hind left leg is has  a very bad spiral fracture.

29 Dec 2017 – “It’s been a super tough night for me. I was basically given 2 options for Che’s outcome. Amputate his hind leg or put him to sleep. Instantly, I thought Che will not be able to cope without his fierce independence and full mobility and considering the costs of the surgery and the fact that he is 18yo already, letting him go peacefully was seeming like the best decision… however, I tried to feel what he wanted overnight without thinking selfishly and I felt he wanted #life. Che has been through so much already in his life and nothing ever phased him… ever! So I don’t see why losing a leg is going to phase him either. Che, thank you for teaching me to live life without letting the small things get you down. You are my best friend and I can’t wait to see you on the other side of surgery 😺 💛 love @vankangram
#bestfriend #threeleggedcat #chooselife ” – Paul van Kan